Better Late than Never

For some reason, this past week and a half has been a little overwhelming.  I truly feel I need to have my laptop tied to my hip. 

I like the idea of social networking.  After listening to Darren’s presentation, I think I can incorporate Web. 2.0 tools into my classroom.  I also am toying with the idea of having a blog for administrators in our division.  How to administer the blog is the question I am still trying to sort out.  I do beleive more than ever that I can only begin with baby steps and grow as needed.  I think Darren reinforced this as well.  The cool thing about the social web is that a person can use Web 2.0 tools however they like.  All creations are unique, and I think this is what we tell students to do as well.

One thing I found over the last while is that I spend so much time viewing other people’s blogs, that I tend to forget about my own!  If I comment too much on other blogs, will I have anything interesting to say on my own.  Mass marathon sessions in front of the computer do not help either.  Viewing for shorter time periods more often throughout a day is typically better, but do we want to be in front of the computer all the time?  I feel a visit to BEST BUY to get a palm pilot or whatever is coming on soon!

I find the new tools very interesting, but more than I can handle right now.  I signed up for a Flickr account, but have not investigated it thoroughly.  I read about Voicethread, but don’t have a clue how to use it.  I always felt I had a decent grip on technology but wow!  It seems like a Bill Cosby moment – that is, Bill had all different types of appliances but never used them.  Is this what I am becoming with Web 2.0 stuff?  Oy vey!!!

  1. Dave, when you first start blogging, you are always searching for original ideas. After you settle in, you will get excited when someone else has posted what you were already thinking, but didn’t have time to post! Then you can just add icing to the pre-fab cake! I run this network for my instructors and you are welcome to take a look and see if something like it would work for your administrators

    • Shaun Loeppky
    • February 1st, 2008

    After reading your blog, a question arises in my mind about the nature of writing a blog. I find even when I am writing content not related to the class, I pour over the content of the blog, make hundreds of revisions, and often most of the revisions are not just correct sentence structure!
    Clear communication is important, but should we pause too much in jotting down our thoughts? In regular FTF conversation we don’t have the luxury of long periods of reflection before writing. Rob has mentioned in his blog that the length of a blog shouldn’t be too long. How much should we emulate actual conversation?

  2. Dave, I understand where you’re coming from. I find that managing all of the new tools we’ve been exposed to overwhelming. I find the conversations we have in the chat room during sessions entertaining. Kyle said that learning about and how to use computers is like learning a second language. So true! Sometimes I haven’t a clue what people are talking about. But don’t give up! Your blog looks good. Good luck and I’m sure we’ll chat again.

    • leahdewhurst
    • February 2nd, 2008

    I liked your Bill Cosby analogy. I feel if I take the time to get to know a program, something else will come along and the cycle will continue. Will I ever really get to know a program and use it to its full potenial?

    Voicethread does seem like a very complicated tool to use, but its really not. If you read the tutorials over and over again, eventually it will all make sense. I can definately see the use of voicethread in the classroom. My students truly enjoyed speaking in the microphone and seeing their story posted. The parents also enjoyed being able to see the finished product. They were also glad that they could send the link on to grandparents, uncles and aunts 🙂

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