Stephen Downes

Tonight my EC&I 831 class listened to a presentation with Stephen Downes.   I previously heard comments about him regarding his expertise in the Edtech field.  From the presentation, these comments were very true.  He provided a detailed background of a new software.  I can best describe it as a combo of WordPress, Google Reader, Delicious, etc.   I have to admit, I was in over my head, especially once the design part of the software was discussed.  I know nothing about html code or programming in general.  Bad experiences in high school deterred me from programming and software design.  I guess I just use all the neat things that are designed.

Stephens also commented about two specific items:

  • Where learners are in control, thus how do you teach?

I feel this is a very new area in teaching although it has been discussed for some time now.  It is tough for a teacher to completely give control over to students regarding their learning.  I also am not sure our educational system is ready for this, even though it gets discussed all the time.

  • read, remix, respond, disseminate.

We are learning this through this course.  It is what we have been doing on a daily basis since January.  I think that this idea is great to implement further into student learning and through technology implementation.

    • Corey Terry
    • March 12th, 2008

    Dave, I’m so glad to hear you say that, because I felt a bit over whelmed with the conversation as well. I did appreciate the overall conversation on the back channel chat that talked about PLC’s and the PLE. I think I understand the key difference that being a network is a cognitive connection with others.

  1. I was also overwhelmed with the html and code talk. I’m a user of the programs and software and fortunately we have people like Stephen Downes who are thinking about code and creating the cools things for us to use.

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