The Brian and D’Arcy Show

Tuesday night was a bit of a “revival” for me, as Brian Lamb and D’Arcy Norman presented to the EC&I 831 group.  From the presentation, I noted a few items:

1.  Open-Connected Social Repositories:

I never really thought of this idea in the past, but I guess we can learn something new everyday.  I found their message on this topic consistent with other presenters we’ve had, regarding the openness and collaborative aspects of social networking.  The power of the network is in the users  and the sharing of ideas, etc. will only make it stronger.  I always wondered how the big library we call the internet can be effectively searched for information?  As discussed, Google has done this better than most, with other sites jumping on board.  I believe Technorati or Icerocket would be other examples.  Search engines that seek communities, formed around content make the network a powerful tool for learning.  Eg. Flickr and Delicious.

2.  Learning Objects:

I understood their example that anything is a learning object and one can form a community around it.  There are many examples of this on the net.  I guess the key question for me was, “What resources are we using in an educational context”, regarding technology. What can we find online?

Also, check out Connie’s blog.

I’ll leave it open for all of your comments.

    • Dean Miezianko
    • March 23rd, 2008

    Dave, the realization that anything is a learning object is a real power for educators. Brian and D’Arcy hit the nail on the head with that thought. I believe that master teachers are quick to realize what drives their students and look for anything and everything to help them connect with there students. Not many educators grasp this idea but those that do are the ones that everyone sits back and goes “Wow, did you see what is happening in that room?”. Of course there are those that offer negative comments but that is usually because they are feeling threatened. The master teacher only makes their inadequacies more evident.

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