Odds and Ends

Since the end of EC&I 831, the blog posting has slowed quite a bit from participants.  This is only natural.  Even though we all liked the course, it was still a class.  People sense the relief that another class is done.

I too am not writing as often (as predicted), but the blog continues.  I am still checking my google reader everyday and read many blogs.  So many people have such interesting ideas!

i am continuing to push myself into technology further.  Recently, I gave a short talk to my teachers about Teacher Tube and Delicious and the value of what each possesses.  I plan to follow up more with both and hopefully my staff will have accounts set up on both sites soon.  The opportunity for collaboration is increased, especially with delicious.  We’ll see where it goes from here.

I continue to try and build a wiki for my Law 30 class.  I would like each student to contribute various elements of Criminal law to the site, since this is our unit of study at this time.  Again, we will see where it goes from here.

BTW, visit the class blog, when you have a chance and leave a comment.  My students are now responsible for a weekly post.  It would be great to have other people engage in the conversation from outside our classroom.  Let them experience the influence of the blogosphere!!!  The issues posted are various and one does not need to know anything specific about Canadian Law.

Other notables:

  • Bircher’s Banter was mentioned on the Principal’s Page as a subscribed blog.  Great publicity or what!!!
  • I bought a new computer and already took back to store.  Why?  Get all hooked up and no sound.  I think they forgot to install something!

…and yes the EC&I experience, brought my Master’s program to a conclusion.  Seems kind of weird though.  I keep thinking about what I should do next?  For now, I guess just enjoy the feeling.  Not bad, I suppose, for a guy who left university once and was doubtful on ever returning, before any degrees were earned.  Will I go for three?  Not sure, but we’ll see how things go from here.

  1. Congratulations on finishing the Masters! I know that finishing mine was a huge relief when it was finally done. I think that you have much to offer as an administrator and teacher to what is happening. As for the laptop, you did buy a mac right?

    Enjoy the extra time you have 😉

  2. Hi Dave – Okay I will confess — I always hope that when people do courses that require them to have a blog that it helps them appreciate how much extra learning they gain from being a blogger. So do you think you will keep blogging?

    Plus congratulations on finishing your Masters! Does that mean party online?

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