Time Off

The school year officially ended yesterday.  I am always amazed at how busy the last few days are, especially since I became an administrator.  When I think back to my full-time teaching days, the last day of school seemed pretty calm usually, and gave one time to reflect and clean your room!!!

The day was made even busier because my wife and I were to be at a friends for a retirement party.  Yes, retirement. My friends wife is only 48 years old and is pensioned off.  Many are envious.

Hence, we packed up the van with many items and headed to Regina.  We made the day busier because after the retirement party, we would visit for a day with the in-laws and then head out for our vacation in Fairmont, B.C.  I hear it is beautiful so it should be fun.

As I type this, I have a few random thoughts bouncing around my head.  It is 7:10 a.m. and I have been up for an hour.  I am usually up early and this is usually accentuated by my two kids.  So, sleep can be at a premium.  No wonder I want to nap all the time.

Random thoughts:

  • When on holidays , I want to read books that are about personal interest than education.  It seems like I need to clear my head for a while.  The blogosphere helps to keep me informed though.
  • I think I need to change the title of my blog.  I think education and technology are still key but do my personal tidbits interest you folks? Let me know.
  • Why does a small grill for my van cost $153 tax/incl.  Shame on that deer for not helping out.
  • Blogs that I have really enjoyed lately: mrmeyer, remote access, principalspage.  All have great stuff.
  • This blog is written by a Canadian soldier who currently is in Afghanistan.  He is also a high school English teacher.
  • The CFL season has begun.  My beloved Roughriders play tonight against Edmonton.    Can I find me a cheap ticket?
  • I should be at NECC.  Seems like everyone is there.  Need to find out how these folks who are not EDTech people get to go to all these conferences.

Time to relax and listen/read about some mindless drivel/dribble-whatever.

I’m on holidays!

    • Shaun Loeppky
    • July 4th, 2008

    Have a great holiday, clear your head, and for goodness sake check out an auto wrecker before you spend money on a new grill.

    Take care..

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