Thinking Technology (and other stuff)

For some time, I have been reading more blogs than writing, as evidenced by this quiet space.  As usual, some posts are more engaging than others but you learn a little bit each time.

Injenuity recently had a thought provoking post about teaching and learning, specifically, stating the importance of literacy and critical thinking above and beyond technology.  You can listen to it here.

Yesterday, I was on Twitter and had a request from Mrs. Durff to sit in on a session with a group of teachers, who were presenting various Edtech. projects.  Really cool stuff.  It reminded me of my recent EC&I 831 experience.

Relating to the above experience, I can say that it was one of the more influential classes I have taken.  I can say this because, here I am almost three months later, still blogging and thinking of better ways to teach and lead instruction.  Other grad. classes were good too, but you only think of them and their material every once in a while.

Lately, my thinking has been, as little as possible.  Sounds bad, but I am on vacation.

Speaking of which, if my colleague at needs a letter of support to management, for the purchase of a motorcycle,  I can oblige.  Since I have one, and yes they are fun!  Just bought some new stuff for it too.  Woo hoo!

BTW I did celebrate my wedding anniversary the other day.  I even remembered, even though the wife did not take me out to dinner.  Why is it on anniversaries, males, in particular, always think of this song.

Later all!

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