Still Learning

Here I am in the midst of my summer vacation, but I still am reading from the blogosphere and discussing education.  Is this cool or crazy!

Granted. I do know a few things in th Edtech. world, and this has significantly increased over the last six months, thanks to Alec.  However, I find I am still a neophyte in so many ways.

For example, I was just reading about CreativeCommons licenses.  Since many of the people in the tech. world have them, maybe I should too.  I feel a little more informed, but welcome any comments regarding the type of license I should get.  I hope to get some info. from the “experts,” like Dean, Alec, Jennifer, or Shawn just to name a few.  Does Lucy, Mic or Murcha still read this?  I have been somewhat dormant lately.

It astounds me at the amount of PD, etc. people continue to do over the summer.  I too was able to stream into some conference sessions.  All were interesting and a lot of fun.

Getting connected a little more each week.

BTW did anybody notice the slight name change on the blog?  Just trying to open things up a bit more.

  1. Hello Dave, yes, I do still read this so keep on posting when you have time. I also have been slack with the creative commons license and will pursue that as well. What about the students should they do that too? We are putting a lot up on the net and I was going to get them to start a flickr account. The grade 6 teacher gets the students to put up a photo every Friday so it would be great if they could be stored on flickr.
    I feel students need some copyright protection on their work. What do you think?

    • Dave Bircher
    • July 23rd, 2008

    They could but I do not believe students are totally ready for that. Many do not realize that all of their work that is created at school is technically copyrighted material. We get forms signed at the beginning of the year to allow us to put student work on bulletin boards!

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