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I had a short but good conversation with our IT guru.  I call him this because he keeps our computers running and he is great to have around.  We were conversing about student emails, chat, Google App’s., etc.  I suppose I was following up my last post located here.  He had an interesting observation and I have to admit, one I thought of before.  He stated how IT and EdTech seem to progress on different paths and when Ed Tech comes up with a new/great idea, IT needs to jump in and know how to help implement immediately.  The results can be super positive or very troublesome depending on the application.

Its interesting how two groups can be so similar, yet very apart on technology and its implementation.  One group wants to be cutting edge while the other says, “don’t work outside the framework, especially if we can’t support it.”

Kyle left some good points in my last post linked above.  Other thoughts?

    • Laurie
    • September 23rd, 2008

    Hi Dave,

    I have been thinking about this also. We are encouraged to use technology in innovative ways. However, our IT staff have a difficult time keeping up with their end of implementation. We have people chomping at the bit to use our new SMART boards but must wait for our IT people to come out to install our data projectors.
    I don’t think I have any answers but it makes sense to me that both the IT folks and our educational technology consultants need to communicate with each other. As it stands now, we have people on both ends that are frustrated.
    On another note, I think I am in favour of using gmail but we all know that there will be students that use it inappropriately. We know too that if the accounts are used inappropriately, it will come back to us if we are the lead teacher. For now I am going to use our school drupal site where I can monitor students comments. I will have students put work or projects on our site but probably will not include their pictures or real names. Maybe I am being a little controlling, but it comes down to “that’s what I am comfortable with at the moment”. I need to see more research in this area before I am willing to go further and I know there are many ways that I can use technology effectively without using chatrooms. (i.e. I can have literature discussions using our class blog where I can preview comments before they go on the web.)

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