WIWOW Montmartre Style

In an effort to revive this ‘ol blog and check to see if some of my colleagues are still following, I will discuss an activity I just started in our school.

Following murchas lead, I started doing a WIWOW or Walk In Walk Out Wed. after school session with my staff.  It has started slowly, but the first two sessions have gone quite well.  Topics covered included email (becoming more saavy) and Google accounts including reader.  Many of my staff have Delicious accounts as well.  We have started to take baby steps to show how to create a personal learning network.  I find it it quite helpful and I hope my staff will see the value in creating one for themselves, while enhancing their technology skills as well.

I will keep promoting this and hope to see the numbers grow.  Other staff members are interested in blogs and wiki’s so I think we are off to a good start.  I am trying to keep it open so people will “buy in” even if the process is slow at first..

Hopefully, this work will pay off on the administrator evaluation as well!

Suggestions are more than welcome.  I would really appreciate feedback.  It may help my evaluation as well.  I shall look for more advice from Dave and the principalspage as I soak in as much as I can get!

    • Laurie
    • February 2nd, 2009

    Way to go Dave! I think this type of support at the school level is the most important support that can be given to staff. I have a similar type of thing with our staff. Most recently, we covered the online calendar. I had many of our staff interested in this and they embedded it into their webpage. We are not sending out a paper calendar at the school level and so many teachers opted to go with the online version rather than do their own paper calendar.
    Even a couple of the staff that didn’t come asked me for the handout and managed to get a calendar going. I would like to have time in the school day to spend helping my teachers learn about technology, but that time does not exist and I don’t see getting more time for this type of PD. The positive comments that I hear regarding offering this at the school level is that when the teacher forgets something as he/she messes about, is that “it is great to have someone right there for a few minutes to help get on the right track again”.
    I’d be happy to share my handout for making and embedding Google calendars with you if you like. Hmmm….perhaps it’s time for a collaborative wiki where we share some of what we use to help others learn.

      • Dave Bircher
      • February 3rd, 2009

      Could be done. Maybe we should Skype call one day. Let me know.

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