Thursday Nov. 12

This is the first time I have sat down to write on this blog in months.  I guess I either ran out of material or just figured no one reads.  But the only way to get a blog going is to write and promote it.

My topic for today is simple: Homework.  Many discussions take place around this subject, specifically, the merits of or problems associated with it.  Usually, its the latter that sparks the most debate.

As a kid, I hated homework with a passion, especially if I did not understand the material presented.  As I got older, my parents could not help me with it too much.  They said it was so different from when they went to school.  This did not help me or make me more inquisitive.  Most of the time I had homework because I did not get the work done in class, so completion was the primary purpose.

Is this still the main reason?

Other questions I have:

1.  Do we assign homework for extra practice?

2.  Do we give homework to aid with old/new concept reinforcement?

3.  Should we have students do any of it?  In many, cases I still see students with incomplete work and giving a homework mark does not work .  In our division, with basically “no zero” policies, are we creating more problems than soltions?

Does homework effectively increase student learning?

Your thoughts?


  1. Assigning homework especially if you teach math is vital for success in high school. Kids cannot learn enough in their 5.5 hours of school. We need to create homework that is a balance between innovation and practicing enough to learn the skills.

    What is that balance. I still struggle with it after all of these years teaching. Perhaps the balance is that for some kids they will do all the work at this time and be better for it. For others they might do some of it and be learning the skills needed for future grades. We cannot force homework on kids. If the homework is fun and activates what struggling learners need to learn.

    Enough rambling. Thanks for commenting at my blog and congrats on having such a nice blog here



    • murcha
    • November 27th, 2009

    I have never been a great one for giving out homework except in the later years of student schooling. However, I have noticed that students will go online from home and research voluntarily further some of the topics studied. With the flatclassroom projets, parents can watch by as their students logon in the evening hours to meet their global students.That partnership with parents is invavaluable.
    Students can now be in charge of their own self directed learnin and much of that takes place outside school hours.

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