What Great Principals Do Differently

I thought I would share the book I am currently reading (title of post is title of book.)  I found out about it through our provincial administrators association and borrowed it from the Stewart Resouce Center library. 

The book covers a number of topics – fifteen in total.  As I go though this resource, I will blog about some items that stood out for me.

The latest item was the principal is the filter.  By this, Todd Whitaker means that principals not only filter information for staff – to make life easier, but filter things in the day-to-day reality of the school.    Essentially, principals can set the tone of what happens in a building on a particular day.  This can include interactions with staff, students and parents.  If  administrators can keep the focus on the issues that matter and keep away from trivial matters, the school will benefit overall.

I have tried to emulate this for quite some time now.  In our building, I do believe I can have influence on the general mood each day.  With so many eyes on the administrator each day, one must remember how to conduct themselves – verbally and non-verbally.  I am constantly aware of the perception I present and try to keep communication clear and flowing.  Some days are easier than others, but I find perception to be a crucial element for a school administrator.  As years have passed, I believe I am more aware now of the perceptions I present and I try to focus on the positive.

So far, this is one of the better books I have read on leadership.  I believe both new and old administrators can benefit from this resource. 

Tune in for more reviews!

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