The Future of Education

This was sent via a tweet from my PLN and since it is an open letter to educators, I decided to post it here.  This video is generating quite a bit of respose in the education field, and discussion is good.  So view this and comment if you wish.

  1. The statement where the young man says(and I will paraphrase)”I dropped out today because school was getting in the way of my education,” really struck a chord with me. We are having more able students drop out this year simply because they believe(rightly or wrongly)that school is irrelevant to them. In Illinois, students can drop out at 17 with parent consent. The challenge is to make school relevant to these students. Are you seeing the same thing? I enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work!

      • Dave Bircher
      • March 17th, 2010

      We see some of the same things you do. In Sask. a student can leave school at 16. I do believe we need to make eduation relevant and that may include renewing some of our policies and practices, in addition to academic practices. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate ou stopping by!

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