Teacher Quality

A story that has been making its rounds in the Twitterverse and other publications is the issue of teacher quality and the mass firings at a Rhode Island school.  While I do not have all the facts, there are some good articles and discussions happening around this issue.

It is somewhat different for me as I teach in Canada and not the United States.  Our systems are somewhat different. Eg Education -federally funded; Canada – provincial control.   What worries me is that trends in the U.S.A. seem to end up here eventually, although not all provinces do standardized testing, although this could be argued – depending on the approach and jargon.  I wonder if our systems in Canada will be influenced by the NCLB Act in the U.S.A. and its “tentacle” effects, even though NCLB has nothing to do with us.

I leave you with this.

“What are some valid solutions to improving learning in schools?”

Click here for more info;  or here or here.  You can register for a free account to Teacher Magazine to read the articles in full.


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