PLN’s Work

Although my PLN is a relatively small group, they came through for me the other day.

I needed some info. on video sites, specifically, where students could access video besides YouTube.  My response came from one colleague but it was all the info. I needed.  It looks something like this:

  1. Dawn lettergirl

    @bircherd BBC site has video links

  2. Dawn lettergirl

    @bircherd BBC’s site looks especially excellent.

  3. Dawn lettergirl

    @bircherd Great links here for WWII:

  4. Dawn lettergirl

    @bircherd What age kids? Will look for a couple more

  5. Dawn lettergirl

    @bircherd Here you go: Great resource from PBS.

Thanks to lettergirl for her help as this saved me a ton of time and probably grief.  Students were able to use some sites and search video according to their topic.

My PLN although small does work.  I need to continue to blog and attract more followers/followees to my PLN.  Twitter proved its value here!  Information came to me instead of me searching.

How does your PLN help you?

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