Look to The Finns!

Since our province has been doing a major overhaul in education the last few years, I have attended many inservices on school improvement, assessment, learning improvement, etc.  Many had good points and strategies for improving learning.

I often thought that you should at least look at the top performers and see what they do.  For example, in the last PISA results, Alberta and Quebec did very well in math and ranked high in the world as well.  So why not investigate their math programs, teaching, etc.  Only seems natural.  Maybe we could do better.

Finland was one country that stood out in the PISA rankings and has consistently performed at a high level.  So why not see what they do in education?  Maybe we could use some ideas and improve?

Although I have heard many good speakers from around the world, and read about various school systems, I have never been provided insight on the Finnish system.  Not one speaker, educator, …

My colleague George tweeted this article to me about Finnish schools.  I think there are many valid discussion points on educational reform, and on the cultural appreciation for education in Finland.

The article is located here.  Feel free to pass along.

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