I Like This Stuff

Fact or Urban Legend?

Today one of my teachers had his class investigate whether an egg could stand on end during the fall equinox.  The initial results were positive, but does it end with the winter solstice?

I like these kinds of lessons and I wish I could think of them more often!

Granted the premise is simple, but I believe the lesson can be expanded upon even more.  Is this the kind of experiment one uses to introduce the scientific method?  How can technology be integrated?  How/when do we move into the higher order thinking skills?  In the spirit of WCYDWT by Dan Meyer, I believe this simple experiment can lead to so much more.

I welcome your input.  Feel free to pass along as well.  maybe a good PD exercise for your staff.

    • Carlan Gallello
    • September 21st, 2010

    Interesting post. I’m just wondering if technology needs to be integrated…is it the concept we’re looking at? the pedagogy? technology just happens to be the vessel, not the driver. That’s how I try to look at my planning.

  1. Hey Carlan

    I look at it like technology is a tool that can really drive the CCT aspect. I guess I was looking for follow up activities from the initial lesson.

    Thx. for reading. I appreciate the comment.

    • courosa
    • September 29th, 2010

    My grade eight teacher, Dave Hill who is @hilld on Twitter, did this with us – it’s one of those few things I still remember from my elementary school days.

    And btw, thanks for the comment – we’d be happy to have your help if you’ve got the time. 🙂

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