Making School Fun

One of the more enjoyable elements of being an educator are things like spirit days.  The images in this post depict our annual Halloween parade, where pre-school children, students and staff get to show off their costumes.  Each year our students look forward to this event as we all get a good laugh at each other and admire the creativity with some costumes.

As a school we try to take advantage of our K-12 configuration.  High school students are involved in this activity (and many others) throughout the school year with elementary aged students.   We try to establish leadership roles for our older students as well.  For example,  the grade 12’s escort the K-4 students to the gym and seat them for assemblies.  I have two students  who set up the PA an AV equipment each assembly as well.  In many cases, the student council runs the assembly and have some sort of fun activity for students to take part in.

My vice-principal and/or myself create slideshows for many assemblies.  We include images of recent events and random pics of students and set the show to music.   As I look over the student body, most seem to generally enjoy the slideshows.  I believe these help promote school unity and spirit.

Although we are a small school, I do believe we can take advantage of our configuration and create a unique experience for students.  I also believe these types of experiences are valuable for a students overall learning program – something that a provincial/state test cannot measure.   Yes we took “class time”: to run the assembly, but I do not believe we lose “instructional time” to do these events.  Spirit days, assemblies, etc. are a valuable part of any school experience.

  1. Best looking stoplight at the Halloween parade 🙂

    I agree Dave! I think that spirit days and assemblies are integral parts of developing a school culture. Although you do want balance between time out of and in the classroom, activities like our Halloween parade are important for our students and our community!

  2. Totally agree. My favorite spirit days are crazy hair day and pajama day! 🙂

    • Lori,

      Crazy hair day is a nice easy one, or difficult depending on what you do! On pajama day, I need a nap by the p.m.

      Thx. for commenting.


  3. We do not celebrate Halloween in Australia so it is fascinating to see how much trouble you all go to for this festival. Your costumes and parade look similar to what we do for book week.

  4. Verona,

    Somehow “book week” does not sound like something you’d dress up for – ha! I’d be interested in learning more about that week if you’d share.

    Some folks do very simple costumes and others go to great lengths. The kids love all the candy they get this day as well. Not all schools do something like this as we do. Many are not allowed to even have a “Halloween” theme anymore.

    Thx. for your comments


  5. We had spirit week for Homecoming week and also a variety of fun things planned during Red Ribbon Week. The kids get so into it! We do “role reversal day” where kids dress like teachers and teachers dress like kids; crazy hair and sock day; dress like a twin day, hat day… lots of fun. I agree these experiences are valuable and can help build community.

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