How Visible Are You?

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It’s true that in school administration is not an easy gig.  The number of tasks required can be overwhelming some days, and then you look at your desk and realize that you did not accomplish anything YOU set out to do that day.  The workload can provide cause for one to hibernate and live in the office for much of the school day.

I am fortunate that I have always had this “urge” to get out of the office and go walk around the school.  I find I can only focus for a period of time at my desk and I need some kind of movement break.  It seems that I need this break more often as I get older.   However, I use these walks to accomplish a variety of other tasks, or to connect with a teacher or student.  In some way, I try to be visible in our school.  This is probably why I do extra-curricular and blog as well.

Granted, there are times when one has to knuckle down and if necessary, close the office door and get specific tasks done. If the door is open most of the time, then that resonates positively throughout the building.

How visible are you in your building?

  1. It is vital to the health of a school culture for the principal to engage in management by wandering about. By wandering around you give the staff and students an opportunity to bring issues to your attention without having to line up outside of your office. Sometimes they just need you to listen. By wandering around you really are doing important work. If you have the office staff forward calls to your cell phone, you won’t come back to a stack of telephone tag. You can also access email as you walk, but don’t do so when you should be listening to the person in front of you. As an additional benefit, you get necessary exercise and can keep track of what is happening in the classrooms. If you are stuck in your office you are also likely to become the but of a joke. I did this for 13 years before I retired to care for my wife who had ALS. When she died last year, I started my blog to help leaders and future leaders with professional development. Check it out at DrDougGreen.Com. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thx. Doug for the great comment and advice. “Circulating” oneself is important to show you are available to others. I’ll have to check out you site as well.

    Again thx. for stopping by.


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