No Matter What…You’re LIVE

I often read posts and tweets asking what kind of advice you could give to new teachers.  The tips passed along are very thoughtful and helpful for those new to the profession.  Even for us who have been around for a while (am I in THAT group now?), these tips are great reminders about effective practice.

Whenever I see the above question posed, I often think of the usual elements.  Eg. effective communicator, classroom manager, personable, effective planner, etc, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, these are all very important along with many other traits.  But the BIG idea we all need to think of as teachers is the fact that day in and day out – you’re LIVE!

I first heard this phrase from a colleague, who sometime ago, started a business using this as a slogan (Paul if it’s OK I am borrowing it for a moment). However, when you think about it, it is very real for educators.

Each day, in or out of the classroom, educators are LIVE.  The number of interactions each day with students, staff, parents and community members are significant.  Each day you are expected to have your “A” game.  When you do not deliver, you usually hear about or realize it.  Reflective practitioners know this instantly.

As teachers, we need to realize that each day, we are delivering numerous mini-workshops/presentations to students.  As administrators we need to have our “A” game each day as well.  That is why few people want to become admin’s. If we (or someone else) do not make good judgments, we will definitely hear about it.  If one thinks about it, we have many common traits with professional athletes, only a televised audience is not watching at the time.  Mind you, a school with a bunch of adolescents is pretty much network television each day.

So, if I was to give professional advice to a new or seasoned teacher, I would indicate that each day you’re LIVE.   From here, we could discuss the specifics/nuances of what that means.  However, I think this is one BIG IDEA we all should remember in our day-to-day work as educators.


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  1. Thanks for this wonderful post on teacher engagement. It inspired me to write this: You’re LIVE every minute

    I don’t think most people understand this aspect of teaching; thanks for sharing the tip for new teachers.

    • No problem. Sometimes I do not believe people realize this in this kind of context. I’ll have a look at your post as well.

      Thx. for the comment.


    • murcha
    • March 3rd, 2011

    Hi Dave, this is certainly an interesting perspective and actually quite challenging. When I know that I am giving a formal presentation, I put many hours into it, yet for some or many of my classes, they can be ‘done on the fly’.
    As I have been experimenting with eLearning and using virtual classroom software with my classes, I find that I need to spend a lot more time planning and organising engaging materials. However, the learning outcomes and engagement are far stronger. Time, is always a factor in preparation, but remembering that I am LIVE each time I walk into a classroom is rather an exciting prospect!
    (On the side thank you for your comment on my scam and phishing email, I really do apologise. I guess that is how those online sites capture a large market, delving into emails, then sending them out through trusted people’s accounts etc.)

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