GoogleDocs Can Help a Principal

Recently, I was searching for ways I could further support my staff in technology.

Earlier, this year, we made technology a common goal across our staff, where each member  could use their growth plan (PPGP) as a method for furthering their own personal development.

Although the progress has been somewhat slower than what I’d hoped, we are making progress.  I was pleased when a staff member asked that I sit down with her and review Google Reader and then do a follow-up session on Twitter.  As long as staff keep working towards their goal, I’ll help along the way.

I have found that in-school support is not enough and teachers were not scheduling their own support from others to a high degree.   I decided I needed to help more, so I turned to our division support person.  The questions I asked myself were:

1.  How can I support teachers?

2.  If someone comes to our school for support, how do we use the time wisely that it benefits teachers and thus students?

3.  How can teachers have time to focus on their session during the regular school day?


I told my staff that I wanted to continue to help them with their technology goals.  To do this, I booked our division tech. coordinator on three separate days.  I looked to see where teachers had prep. periods so they would not have to worry about class coverage, etc.

Next, I created a GoogleDoc and asked staff to contribute specific topics for their session.  This way I could gather all the session topics in one document without looking at continuous emails, sticky notes, etc.  Then I could schedule the teachers to a specific period.  Once complete, I could send the link to the document to our tech. coordinator and he could prepare for each day well in advance and not be surprised by the topics being asked for, thus maximizing the time allotted for each session.

Although my experience with GoogleDocs is still relatively new, I found it to be quite useful in coordinating these PD sessions and was actually a time saver!

Further uses for Google Docs. are already being created!

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