Relationships Are The key

Ever since I began my journey with technology, I have wondered about Twitter; who do I follow, how do I get more followers, what’s the best way to make connections?   Early on, I did not use it much as I did not get the true purpose on who or how to connect with others.  I am not sure if I have totally figured it out yet, but I am a lot farther ahead than I was before.

I do value my PLN and what they offer to my personal PD.  I feel I do not give near enough in return, but I do try.  It think this is key.

I also have made more effort to streamline what topics are important to me.  I did this specifically so I could connect with people better.  As soon as I began doing this, the number of hits to my blog and number of Twitter followers soon increased.  With this, I have been able to connect with people from all around the world and actually have been able to meet a few in person.  These relationships are wonderful as I would invite any of these folks to my house as I am sure they would me to theirs ( well I think …)?

Some folks may believe that the sheer number of Twitter followers is all that matters when creating your PLN.  This could not be farther from the truth.  One can have 1,000 or 5,000 followers or friends on Twitter and Facebook.  However, if one does not make the effort to connect and continue to share and be involved, the followers and friends are merely status symbols with no real worth.  I have just over 600 Twitter followers and I have trouble keeping connected with them all, hence this blog.  But I do believe at some point I will connect with many of these folks and learn from them.  I could have a lot more Twitter followers, but the ones I delete or block are ones do not want to develop a professional relationship with.  I will continue to grow my PLN, but it will be on my terms.

In school we teach children about friendship and relationships.  I believe social media can be used to help students learn the important concepts and skills required to develop positive relationships, not the anti-social behaviours so many people believe technology is responsible for.

I think these two videos are great examples that discuss relationships and how social media can help develop these in 21st century learning.

Seth Godin:

Dean Shareski:

  1. Great post, Dave! As a member of your PLN that has a difficult time keeping in touch with all of my contacts on Twitter (hence the fact that this is the first time in, oh, 4 months that I’ve commented on your blog), I can totally relate to this! I do think that it’s fantastic that educators are modelling for their students how to build and maintain these relationships, as well as the value that they can bring.

    • Thx. Vanessa and great to hear from you again!

      I too get busy and have trouble commenting on other people’s blogs but I do read or skim many posts. The key is to comment on a blog or send a quick tweet to maintain the relationship and let people know you are there and value your work. I can’t believe how easy it can be to almost lose contact with people (like you). It’s been ages nad I apologize for not tweeting you the last while.

      Is there a better way to keep in conatct once networks get quite large?


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