Thanks Is Great

As we head into April we begin the last term of the school year and recently concluded our last set of P/T Conferences.

P/T Conferences can be interesting.  Since I teach, I have conferences that deal with kids in my classrooms, but I also deal with other school issues.  You get both roles being in administration.

I approached this last round of conferences much the same way I always do.  I try to encourage, help,  as well as discuss achievement.  Above all, I try to answer parent concerns the best I can.

Am I doing OK?  I think so, judging by people’s demeanor.  When I have handed out evaluation forms, the feedback is generally positive.

However, I knew this year, my work and attempts at consistency were paying off.

When I stated to parents, “I hope I helped you,” I received the following more than once.

“Yes, you did – as always.”

Keep working hard Dave!

(The last line was the pat on the back attempt but I have trouble physically doing that!  Hence, my idea of shameless self-promotion!) 😛


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