Surfin Like Crazy

I just realized that I should put a new post on MY blog, instead of checking so many others out.  In the last week, I have increased my tech. literacy levels a great deal.  I now have and am actively using iGoogle, Reader, WordPress and have subscribed to a whole bunch of Blogs.  I also did my first You Tube upload.  It has been busy, but kind of fun.

I believe I need to spend some time on my blog, so I hope it can look and offer what many other blogs do.  The amount of information on these blogs is astounding.  I have been trying to figure out how to do a basic implementation in my classes.  I think I will start with the new semester.  Ideas for starting points are welcome.

 Does anyone have opinions or tips on Blackboard?   I have used it a little, but am thinking of switching to a Blog for discussion forums especially.  Comments?  Pro’s/Con’s.


Hello World

I think Fred Haze (sp.) said that when aboard Apollo 13.  I think it is a great title for my first post on the WordPress blog site.  I hope you enjoy this site and find the dialogue informative, thought provoking and above all, interesting!

Enjoy and TTYS.