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My 10 Picture Tour

I have been procrastinating putting this together, but found a few minutes to do this post.  Below is my 10 picture tour of Montmartre School in Montmartre, Saskatchewan Canada.  My thanks to Cale and Brian for the idea and passing it along.  Cale’s original post is here.

A view from the street.  The melt is on!

The bench in the front lobby.  All students and staff made tiles for this bench, with the help of an artist.

A friend of mine did the sign above the bench in the lobby.

Our Playground Leaders program banner.

Some elementary artwork displayed.

The new daycare in our building.

Awards from MANY years.  I’ve thought about cleaning some out, but I still catch people looking at these for names.

Practical and Applied Arts Lab

The multi-purpose room.  Band, dance, etc. are taught here.

Our purpose.