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EdTech Talk

Recently, I was able to sit in on an EdTech Talk session that focussed on parental involvement in computers and the web in general. Some ideas and thoughts that came out of the discussion for me were:

1. Parents need to be involved with their children in the web. The amount of information available and activities can enrich a child’s education more than ever. The safety aspects are also very important so children are protected.

2. As with the latter point, open communication and dialogue will help parents be involved in their children’s “web travels” and can help with web safety, etc. The idea that parents can be involved in their child’s education is very available and will help parents to understand educational use of the web

3. As in #2, the pedagogy is very important when implementing technology. Using web tools because they are neat does not correlate to memorable learning experiences. Many existing ideas can be “tweaked” to incorporate web tools. Blogging is just a start, but when so many kids are texting, why not have them journalize with blogs. Maybe we can save paper! LOL

4. Best idea from the chat: Try to hold some specific workshops for parents on computer use, safety, social web tools, etc. I think a session on selected topics would be a good idea to implement into out SCC meetings. These folks are the school’s “link” to the community and I believe they would enjoy the experience. Once they buy in, connecting these folks to some EdTech sessions will help them understand the power of the web and the positive side of online learning. I thought it was great to have teachers and parents from various locations, gathering to discuss internet safety.

I would like to get some ideas on a progression of topics for parent workshops. Leave your ideas in the comments section.