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Reflections on Clarence Fisher

The presentation Clarence Fisher provided conjured up a few thoughts.

His first point of value and power – where every classroom should be a global community center and students should become global collaborators was significant.  Granted many students use the internet for research, however, I believe the amount of collaboration between students is limited.  With technology, we can enable students to collaborate with others on a variety of projects.  I am looking into some kind of collaboration with the Cirque du Soleil group, a discussed with Sharon Peters.

Clarence also commented on “missing pieces.”  The first item that hit for me was the “plan til you drop.”  Having previous attempts of technology incorporation, I thought I planned adequately, only to have surprises and new events transpire, hence, a class lost for me and students.  The other key items I found important were bringing in outside sources and tools to access info.  As teachers, we can bring many sources and tools to our students.  However, I believe we need to bring in other people from our research team to help with this.  Hearing the same message from different people can have a profound effect.  This was evident with my SCC, when they attended a workshop with the board.  Many of the things I was telling them finally sunk in, when they heard it from another source.

How do we do this with students?  Now that we have people on our research teams from the blogosphere, we can access many resources.  People like Clarence, Sharon, Jennifer, Dean, Darren and yes, Alec can help us with specific initiatives.  In the end this may help us help teachers understand that students need to be exposed globally to collaborate.