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A Math Activity?

In response to Dan Meyer’s post, I thought I would let the math teachers out there create an activity using the sometimes cold temperatures of our lovely Canadian winter.  I this can fall into Dan’s WCYDWT philosophy.

About a week ago the thermometer plunged and  we had temps. of -33, -37, -18, -9, -2, and +1.  All of these are in degrees Celsius and were on consecutive days.  I did not include wind chill, but for reference, see the link below.

In summer, we can have temperatures range from +15, +21, + 25,+30, +32,+34 degrees Celsius and yes on consecutive days as well.  Usually, temperatures in either season can be a little more steady but vast ranges do occur over short periods of time.

Pass this on as you see fit.  For those of you in warmer climates, yes negative temp.’s do exist!

Comments are welcome as to how the lesson plan would go.

Have fun!

Wind chill table