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Mellencamp and Peters?

I was not able to attend the Feb. 12th session with Sharon Peters. I was attending another one with John Mellencamp, except the latter did not focus on educational technology too much. He did have some neat computerized backdrops in his production though!

Recently, I listened to the session with Sharon Peters titled, “Spheres of Influence.” I was truly amazed at how her students and own children are using the web in their learning. With her own kids, all are using it in somewhat different styles, but I believe are all getting what they need as far as learning, and what they want to learn. Evidence of higher order thinking skills were also present.

As I listened to the broadcast I noted the following and will comment on some items. Specifically:

  • Reference to Daniel Goleman’s book (Social Intelligence), disagreement b/w use of internet.
    Although I have not read this book it sounds interesting. Sharon disputes Goleman’s premise that people are disconnected because of the interent. The social web promotes connectivism. In my short time in this class, I am siding with Sharon. However, I do see Goleman’s point. If people do not use the social web, are we really connecting with others’?
  • To be literate, we must be multi-modal, audio visual, written word, etc.
  • Interesting point here; with all the literacy initiatives in our school division, are we promoting the multi-modal approach to literacy or only relying on traditional methods. Granted the love of reading should always be promoted, not get others to read because of assessments. We need to use technology to engage students in the multi-modal approach to literacy for greater results.
  • Online learning does not need to be synchronous. Skype, Elluminate can be used to connect when needed. We need to find out where these modes work best.
  • Music to my ears! I am thinking about getting an asynchronous course developed in Calculus with my math teacher for next year that can use tools like Skype, Jing, UStream, etc. to connect with students. TBA! Wish me luck.
  • The grade 2/3 students involved with Cirque du Soleil.
  • This has the potential to be a great learning opportunity for some of our students, and may give an idea to my teachers who are not always sure of ways to implement technology in their curriculums. May need to pursue?
  • Who is the company you keep?
  • Who are we networking with and let’s make sure they are good one’s to be with. Corey’s blog supports this notion.
  • Educators really do not know about social networking, would rather have PD during summer or mini-courses.
  • Teachers in my school and others, including me until I took this course, do not know a lot about the social web and its tools. I realized later that I have used some, but more on a personal level, and I need to get this implemented in my school more. I have started with my Law 30 blog and school blog. We’ll see where it goes from there.