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Some Reflections

I was thinking about this last week’s material and remembered the questions Alec had placed on the session summaries.

What are the implications of moving from individualized learning models to networked constructivism? How/will/should this translate to teaching and learning?

Just like the name implies, we are constructing knowledge and new methods of learning. We have used a traditional method of learning for over one hundred years, with some new twists. Even though we have the web and so much potential, education will not change overnight. The traditional mindset is tough to break. Other implications include technology infrastructure, who doe we link with…inside schools, other school’s or with the world wide web. The privacy and safety issues are always a concern as well. It is tough to change a system in general, and with the web changing so rapidly, I believe this makes the task even more difficult.

Consider this presentation in light of what you know about professional development, school change, teacher resistance, or other important educational issues.

I believe I touched on some of these already, but PD for teachers is key. It is also important how they receive this PD for technology. I personally (right or wrong) have not attended tech. PD sessions if I could not sit at a computer to “learn as I do.” I just tune out after a while because I cannot retain the info. I want. As for teacher resistance, technology changes so rapidly, I believe many just get frustrated. There is so much out there to use, but what does a teacher use? Leadership in this area is key. Use something yourself and demonstrate the benefits of it. You then model for others. I’ll see if my blog’s/wiki’s can help my staff down the road.