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George Siemens Reflections

Wow. After few few days of trying to sort and think about George Siemens’ presentation, I find I am no further ahead than on Tues. This does mean that learning did not take place for me, just that there were a lot of “big ideas” presented.

I found that a general idea of George’s discussion on connectivism related to previous presenters, that is, the idea of extending and providing students with the opportunity to learn globally. A general theme is to connect so one can collaborate with others. Thus we construct knowledge. Seems simple, just difficult to implement. We need to know how to use specific technologies and how it pedagogically fits with specific curriculum. I’ll say it again, if we want teachers to collaborate we should be positioning students for collaboration as well. The idea of knowledge as networked is a valid point as stated in Kim’s blog.

There were many ideas presented and this is just a synopsis. However, I find it to be a recurring theme since the course started.