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Big Ideas,Memories and the Network

Listening to Dean Shareski’s presentation and reading some blogs has conjured up some memories. I will share these first before elaborating on the more “academic stuff.”

The amount I spend on a computer is enormous., even prior to this class. I am the one who has never had a keen interest in video games, etc., from childhood to the present, excluding football games and guitar hero!

After reading Travis’ blog post, I was reminded of my progression to today. I enjoyed University life way to much in my undergrad, was not motivated, but somehow made it through. The idea that I am finishing a Masters degree is pretty significant. I am sure there are many people in my past who would just about faint upon hearing this.

Dean’s big ideas were informative to say the least. Firstly, the idea of being selfish and looking out for yourself is fine with me. I think this is when people show they are motivated towards a goal. From an educators perspective, the more one takes in usually transfers to students and higher learning, so I can see his point.

The PLC on steroids really clicked with me. The more people in your network, who share common interests and ideas, will make you a better, more informed teacher and administrator. A shared belief between PLC’s and social learning is collaboration. School divisions in Sask. are initiating the PLC framework, with the idea of promoting collaboration amongst teachers. There are many other reasons for PLC’s becoming prominent, but this one, I believe, is long overdue. The ideas I have received in two short months, through an expanding social network, are numerous. Many more than what I have discussed in previous division PLC days.

On the other hand, a true PLC, has some means of improving learning through common assessments. I am not sure where this fits in with social networking, but maybe that is a idea to be discussed later.

To reinforce social networking one can look at a Darren Kuropatwa, ClarenceFisher or Jennifer Jones. All are bring many ideas to the table and lead by doing. The opportunities presented are also very interesting as was stated in this post by Clarence.

I am continuing to expand my network to look for ideas that I can incorporate into my school. What’s available needs to be accessed regularly. One can change their daily routines to incorporate, you just need to make the effort.

I am doing it…and I am in grad. classes too! Go figure.